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HeroVerse is a match-3 puzzle and RPG strategy NFT game. Not only does the game offer a light-hearted match-3 entertainment experience, it also retains the RPG’s signature exploration and looting elements. NFTs are the perfect choice to make this game truly unique.

HeroVerse has two main concepts: NFT games for players who are looking for NFTs and more profit-oriented, and traditional games for players who are looking for fun experience. While these two game modes are well developed among millions of gamers who are pretty much separated.

One of HeroVerse’s biggest goals is to create a gameplay that combines the 2 above and appeals to all players of NFTs and traditional games. People who want to make money would not like to play games that are boring, and people who want to play games can still make money. So the game itself can strike a balance between playing and earning.


Official website:

You can visit the website directly to enter the HeroVerse official website.

Click on the APP to download, and then log in and register with the wallet. You need to install the wallet first, and if you have this wallet, you can directly log in to the wallet to play the game. If not, you will need to download the wallet at this time, and you will also need to create/import the wallet. After the wallet is created, log in to the game.


Basically, the goal is to keep your hero alive after killing all the enemies. You need to match items in the game board for your hero to attack. The longer the chain you make (straight, diagonal, horizontal), the stronger the hero’s attack power will be. In the battle, you need to use 4 heroes to fight the enemy at the same time. And after the battle, your hero will lose stamina, which need time to recover before starting a new battle.

The flow of the game requires you to fight, win, and receive rewards like HES, hero experience, etc. to purchase or upgrade heroes.


In order to level up your heroes, you must win battles and use HES. The more heroes you level up, the greater their power will be. While the subsequent upgrades will cost more power than previous.

Hero Awakening

A hero’s strength is determined by their rarity, and how many times they’ve been leveled up. However, once the hero reaches the level limit, the “Awakening System” needs to be used to help her/him break through the limit. And you must use the token “HER” to awaken the hero.

This mechanic helps maintain hero supplies and reduces hero inflation and in-game inflation. Therefore, the economy in the game always has a balance mechanism between the number of players and the number of heroes generated.

What’s more, you will be rewarded with hero shards when you wake up a hero.


The campaign is divided into chapters, each of which is a location on the map that hides many challenges and rewards. Players need to win all the milestones to complete a chapter to unlock the next chapter.

Each chapter has different monsters, special bosses and fascinating treasures for players to discover.

Daily Raid

After completing a chapter, the boss in that chapter will be unlocked. Players will have 1 chance per day to fight the boss at will. You will compete with other players to defeat the boss. The longer the player survives, the bigger the reward.

Trade Market

HeroVerse opens up a marketplace for players to trade their heroes with others. It is very easy for you to buy one from the market to start the battle. There is no standard price for a hero, as it depends on the hero’s level, appearance, race and combat power.

Players can also find and buy other game items to enhance the hero’s power.


Markets are not only used for transactions, but also for rentals. Players can rent out their heroes to others for a profit. The rental price will depend on the hero’s value in the market.

Hero Box

Open hero chests, lucky players can get precious rare heroes.

HeroVerse is a chain game on Binance Smart Chain, which hopes to link to all game ecosystems of Binance Smart Chain in the future. It was developed by an overseas studio that has produced many successful experiences in the Southeast Asian market and applied them on HeroVerse. HeroVerse applies “play to earn” mechanics, which will focus more on gameplay and increase the player’s experience.

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