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We are the team of DappOnline, and today we’re to talk about the Crypto Unicorns:

Firstly, the reason to share this project.

Secondly, to discuss the basic overview of the project.

Thirdly, the detailed information of the project and level-up method.

Why we share this project?

Crypto Unicorns recently announced that it has completed an investment of 26 million dollars through the sale of Tokens. This round of financing was led by TCG and BackedVC, with participation from BITKRAFT Ventures and others. Funds raised will be deposited in the CryptoUnicornsDAO vault. At present, it has been joined by well-known enterprises!

Crypto Unicorns will initially launch Farming Gameplay, followed by Jousting, Racing, and Team RPG Battle, with plans to add more games as the community grows. Leverage multiple game types to build additional utility for NFT assets overtime. The playability of the game is getting richer, which can be seen the abundant investing in the project.

Crypto Unicorns Twitter followers: 10,000+, Google search index:

It can be seen from the recent search data that there is still a certain degree of attention.

1. Basic overview

1.1 Project Introduction

Crypto Unicorns is centered around a very unique UnicornNFT that players can use for fun farming simulations and battle loops including Jousting, Racing, and Team RPG. Farming games involve players buying land NFTs, and players can combine individual lands into communities designed for highly social real-time gaming. In this way, players can customize their farm to show the whole world! The high concurrency of these communities allows us to distribute epic live events to the entire player base in real time.

  1. 2 Project development route
  1. 3 Team Introduction
  1. 4 Investment institutions

2. Detailed project explanation

2.1 Project introduction

Crypto Unicorns is a new blockchain-based game centered on the extremely unique Unicorn NFT that players can use in a fun farming simulation and various exciting battle loops.

The farming game is centered around Land NFTs that players can buy and upgrade over time. Unicorns like to help around the farm, so players can make them work to increase the productivity of the land and craft materials to upgrade buildings. Players can combine personal lands into communities designed for highly social real-time gaming, in which players can customize their farm to show the world!

Let’s start with farm games, then equestrian, racing and team RPG battles. Each game type utilizes different unicorn abilities over time. For example, a really good racing unicorn might not be a great rider, nor a “Battlecorn”. Ultimately, they envision an ever-expanding world of game loops interlinked with the core farming loop. To achieve this, the team work with the community and other developers to continue adding utility and fun to the CryptoUnicorns Multiverse.

2.2 Project gameplay

At present, the game has 4 modes, and according to the development of the project roadmap, more gameplay will be gradually released in the later stage.

(1) Agriculture

The player’s farm is their “ranch home” in the Unicorn Multiverse.

This is a fully customizable land with up to 8 farm slots for harvesting berries and other important crafting materials.

As players collect materials, they can invest in building upgrades to further enhance and increase their production.

Each farm has four main functions:

Farm Slots: Players can grow tiered berries for crafting here over time.

Workshop: Players can produce materials and soft resources over time, and then make advanced materials from more basic materials.

Nursery: It is where unicorns breed/evolve and new unicorns are born.

Stables: Players can see all their unicorn NFTs here, as well as make parties in the future when gameplay in groups of unicorns is required, and upgrading the stable increases unicorn energy regeneration.

There are 3 types of farms:

Basic Farm: Produces common berries with a chance to produce a specific tier of berries.

Rare Farm: Produces common berries, with a chance to produce a specific tier of berries from a specific tier group.

Mythical Farm: Produces common berries with a chance to produce any kind of berry.

How to make:

The workshop is where players use unicorns to produce and craft materials.

To produce materials, players need to place unicorns in the workshop for a period of time, which consumes Unicorn Energy like harvesting or gathering.

After the production time is over, the player will receive any produced materials.

Producing materials is similar to growing berries (workshops produce common materials, with a chance to produce a class of materials).


Unicorns like to keep collecting quests.

To deploy a unicorn, the player needs to spend 1 energy point of the unicorn, and it is then occupied for a while. During this period, Unicorn cannot be used in any other game mode.

Eventually, the unicorn will return with materials and tiny rainbow tokens and/or unicorn milk.

The chance/amount of unicorn collecting materials, rainbow tokens and/or unicorn milk depends on the rarity of the gene and the evolution stage of the unicorn.

(2) Gladiator

Winner: Most Unicorn Milk and Materials

Semifinal: Some Unicorn Milk and Materials

Quarterfinalist: A Little Bit of Unicorn Milk and More Materials

Failed: A little bit of material

(3) Racing

The tracks are unique, each track has its own properties — — type, distance, weather and size, and at most 8 unicorns can participate in a race.

Over time, this number adjusts to larger areas.

Players are ranked according to the position of their unicorns. The higher the unicorn level, the more unicorn milk you get.

(4) Combat gameplay

The project team is planning an epic team RPG game with both PvE and PvP elements, which is still in development and will launch in Q4 2022.

3. Details about the information in the project

3.1 What is Unicorn NFT

The project party is putting 10,000 Genesis eggs on the market, which will be on in the pre-sale. These are the only unicorn genesis eggs that will exist forever and form the basis of the long-term game economy.

Each unicorn can only be bred up to 8 times.

In addition to these 10K Genesis Eggs, Laguna Games has found 99 limited-edition eggs to experiment with, and with the goal of releasing them over time. These will be unique 1/1 unicorns, while might be unfortunately made sterile through the commercialization process.

Players with the Genesis Egg can hatch their first unicorn to activate the land and allow them to start growing berries and collecting materials. Unicorns love berries, which are necessary for evolution and are also selectively used for reproduction.

Breeding unicorns costs unicorn milk, rainbow tokens and common berries, when breeding two adult unicorns, each parent’s genes have a chance to pass on to the newly created unicorn egg NFT.

3.2 Unicorn Gene

Genes are divided into 3 types:

Major genes: which with the highest chance of being inherited.

Normal genes: which are less likely to be inherited than major genes, but higher than minor genes.

Minor genes: which with the lowest chance of being inherited.

Breeding requires unicorn milk, rainbow tokens, normal berries, and a breeding point for each unicorn parent.

Unicorns have only 8 breeding points in total, and the breeding points will not be restored.

Players have 2 options when breeding unicorns:

If they want to breed two of their own unicorns, they can do it in a nursery. Otherwise, they can breed their unicorns through the marketplace, or pay other players’ unicorns to breed their unicorns.

Once hatched, the gene of the unicorn is their unique genetic signature. Genes serve a dual purpose, giving each unicorn visual traits and stats in each game type.

There are 9 gene attributes (6 primary gene attributes, 3 hidden gene attributes) including: Heart, Rainbow, Cloud, Flower, Candy, OmNom, Crystal, Moon and Star.

Genes ultimately determine the visual attributes and combat stats of each unicorn, and each of the 6 parts with genes has three types of gene slots, including: primary gene, normal gene, secondary gene.

Main genes affect: fur pattern, eyes/expressions, horns, hooves, mane, tail.

3.3 Breeding

When two unicorns are bred, players must pay for Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, and Regular Berries. Players can add tier berries when breeding to affect the outcome, each tier berry used increases the chance that the newborn will be of the same tier as the berry used.

Note: this only works if the two parents are not the same property.

Only 3 berries are available for such varieties: one for each level of the parent, and one for the hidden level (if applicable).

Adding a tier berry while breeding increases the chance of the tier being selected by 10%, which means adding 5 berry classes will ensure that the newborn is the class in this case, and using tier berries while breeding will also increase that tier the chance of passing on the parent’s part to the newborn. The more tier berries used, the greater the chance of the reward being passed on.

Finally, players also have the option to use boosters when cultivating two unicorn NFTs. Boosters are items that players can craft using materials and level berries.

The higher the accelerator level used, the greater the chance of genetic upgrades.

3.4 Evolution

Unicorns can evolve from their baby forms at the discretion of the individual player, and it will always retain their unique characteristics, but evolution provides opportunities for higher quality genetic statistics.

In view of the fact that only adult unicorns can be cultivated to evolve unicorns, players need to spend at least 1 unicorn level berries, rainbow tokens and a small amount of unicorn milk.

When evolving a unicorn, players can choose to pay more than 1 level of berries up to 10. Each extra level berry beyond the first level increases the chance of genetic upgrades.

3.5 Evolution process

1. Each gene rolls over as it evolves to see if it upgrades, the gene will be upgraded to a higher rarity if it does, and if not, the gene will remain at the current rarity.

2. The unicorn stats are affected when the unicorn evolves, which happens after the genetic upgrade kicks in. Stats associated with genes increase according to the rarity of the gene.

3. Then roll each gene of the unicorn to see if it increases the rarity.

4. Each visual property or “part” of an asset is then upgraded to its next evolutionary stage.

5. After all these rolls and upgrades are done, the unicorn will evolve.

3.6 Land Pattern

Crypto Unicorns will launch a farming game based on land NFTs, as described in the Farming Game section, where the player’s farm is their “ranch home” in the Unicorn Multiverse. This is a fully customizable land with up to 8 farm slots for harvesting berries and other important crafting materials.

Land NFT has 3 rarities, including common, rare and mythical.

Common Land has 9 different types (one for each class), when using unicorns of the same level as the land, players get many buffs, making harvesting, gathering and crafting more efficient.

There are 3 different types of Rare Land (one for each tier group), which will give buffs to any unicorn in the entire class group. This gives players more options when looking to maximize their farming operations.

Mythic Land has only 1 type and can enhance all 9 class groups! This type of land is by far the rarest and most valuable given the buffs players will receive from any unicorn class.

Multiple plots can be stitched together for shared bonuses.

3.7 Community function

In the 2nd quarter of 2022, the project party will release the community function. This feature will allow players to place their plots with their guild mates.

3.8 Economic Model of Crypto Unicorns

LagunaGames, Inc. is committed to decentralizing Crypto Unicorns through the RBW governance token. This process will happen over the next few years as we distribute RBW to players and community members who can in turn stake RBW to participate in governance. As a result, ownership and control of Laguna Games and investors will gradually decline over time.

The Crypto Unicorns game includes a variety of game modes such as farming simulation, battle royale, PvE and PvP. It is not just a simple but interesting card game, there are also risks — — the game only has the creation unicorn NFT and Land NFT currently, with a relatively high price. And the concept of the game is beyond, once it goes online, there may be a gap between the concept and reality. The game has not been launched yet, while the progress is slow and easy to cause unfinished ends. Make your own choice, the above is all the content of this issue of Crypto Unicorns, see you next time!

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