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Project information

Brief Introduction of The Project

Green Rabbit Game is a P2E game on the WAX platform, a Gamefi that integrates P2E, 2D, 3D and Web3, of which the content is fun, exciting, and iteratively getting better and better over time. Green Rabbit Game is a social hub open to the world, where you can make new friends, compete with playmates, craft unique armors and NFTs, and more.

Best of all, this is just the beginning. The co-founder of Green Rabbit Game said, “Even if you integrate Alien Worlds (alien worlds), R-Planet (R planets) and all other staking games, it will not be as colorful as Green Rabbit Game.”

Green Rabbit Game not only provides a lot of fun activities, the Green Rabbit Game team has a very clear goal — to bridge the gap between gamers and the blockchain world. In the long run, we’re talking about cross-platform gameplay, from PCs to consoles, and even mobile apps, so you can play anytime and anywhere, and at the same time, the blockchain can keep the game safe.

Development line

Team introduction


Green Rabbit Game is a multi-activity adventure game developed on the WAX ​​blockchain. At present, some activities have been announced, and there will be more activities to meet with us in the future. You can learn about the planning of the current roadmap.

We’ll cover how to start the game, what you need to have, and how these sections work. All included activities relate to key games from Phase 1 of our Green Rabbit Game. The final campaign in Phase 1 is based on the Ultra Anima match, a 3D player-controlled, skill-based strategy game. In this game, you can put on Anima armor and test your armor by playing against other players in the metaverse.

Most of the daily tasks in the game are preparing for the competition due to the Ultra Anima competition in the first level of the Green Rabbit Game roadmap.

Why? Because the competition requires every participant to wear Anima armor with key attributes and potential abilities to compete. Ready to discover? let’s start.

Level up details

1. NFT collection

Like any journey, Green Rabbit Game was originally an NFT staking game, which meant that in order to play the game, players had to collect some official Green Rabbit Game NFTs. These NFTs will be used for a variety of purposes. You can follow the collection of Green Rabbit Game NFT on the official website. There were also airdrops at the beginning of the Green Rabbit NFT game, and three forms of “packs” were released, including primary packs, advanced packs, and wooden boxes.

2. Collection NFT Staking

Green Rabbit is an NFT staking game. With the non-custodial staking method, players can plug a Greenrabbit Greentooth Flashdrive into the interface, load all or as many in-game NFTs into the drive, just sit back and watch as they start earning.

The way to get cards is simple — — staking your NFTs. Every hour on, the system will calculate the shell you get based on the NFT you loaded onto the flash drive. When you’re ready, log into your account, visit staking and click the “Claim” button to see the earned Shell flowing into your WAX wallet. As you’ll see later, the Shell is critical to your ability to advance other game mechanics. This is why NFT staking was and is the first step.

Each player will have five Flashdrive slots. In the future, we will release some methods to expand the player’s slot count. The core purpose of staking NFT is to mine Shellinium, which in turn will be used for various processes in the game.

3. Greenprint

Greenprint is the foundation upon which your armor is built. Once a player has successfully crafted a Greenprint, they will have the ability to enhance it (or fuse it), and once enhanced, they can build armor components on the Greenprint to ultimately create their Anima armor.

There are two ways to make a Greenprint, using a 3D character or using the 4 component method (1 action image, 1 diorama, 1 totem coin, 1 legendary card). To make a Greenprint, plug your NFT into the interface to make it, and based on some criteria, you will be told how many shells you need. Click the “Craft Greenprint” button and your crafting journey will begin.

4. Greenprint Fusion

Greenprint Fusion is the fusion of your Greenprints into a whole new project called Ascendant Orbs.

Note: Players currently have a maximum of 20 chances to play Greenprint Fusion every 24 hours.

5. Greenprint Boosting

Greenprint Boosting can strengthen and boost your Greenprint. While it’s not mandatory, if you don’t boost your Greenprint it’s weak, and it’s more expensive to build as you go further into component making. To boost your Greenprint, select the Greenprint you plan to build armor from, load it into the interface, and load the rising orb of matching rarity. Again, the system will tell you how many shells you need to try to elevate. Just click boost.

To fully boost your Greenprint, it must be boosted 10 times. With each boost, you will see your Greenprint’s basic stats possibly increase.

Enhanced attributes include:







All of these will be incorporated into your Greenprint created Anima armor.

Note: Currently, you can only get 1 boost attempt per day, and you can only attempt to boost the Greenprint up to 10 times.

6. Forager attributes

We can use Foragers to find the required materials in the Nanotopians Adventure World, and you will find many Foragers with different properties on the structure of your Trailbreaker (Forager).

7. How to forage

To start a mission, you’ll need to visit the Missions section of the Green Rabbit Game interface. Click on “Quests” on the upper menu, then select “Start Foraging” and watch a short mini-scene when the quest slot is unlocked.

The picture is on the quest screen and you’ll see available foragers on the left. You can use the left and right arrows to rotate them. You’ll see your forager’s level, above the name, and the three attributes of the forager on the right side of the forager’s head. This will always be a quick way to see if your forager is on a mission, recovering from an injury, or ready for a mission.

To the right of the forager will be the available quest slots. Each player will begin foraging for materials using the two open quest slots. As you can see, Green Rabbit has plans to eventually expand to four slots.

Once you’ve selected a Forager to send in a quest, click on an open quest slot to the right. This will take you to the actual mission screen. From here, you’ll see a map of Nanotopia’s core area and four key areas where your foragers will work for you.

8. Armor fusion

When all 6 armor components are finished and they are of high enough quality, you can choose to continue the Anima armor fusion process. To do this, you will need to load the Greenprint with all the completed armor components, the required shell and the rising ball into the interface. Start the Armor Fusion Ritual, and if successful, you’ll be exchanged for a fully functional Anima armor with the Green Graph and associated components. Now you’re ready to compete fiercely with other Green Rabbit players to dominate the Ultra Anima competition. While this is the completion of Phase 1 of the Green Rabbit Game story, which is just the beginning of many other game mechanics that will come to you and change the landscape of the NFT gaming space forever.

Economic model

Shellinium ($SHELL) is the Green Rabbit Game governance token. Shellinium ($SHELL) has a maximum supply cap of 10,000,000,000,000.

Token distribution:

Shellinium ($SHELL) can be used for:

Crafting Anima Armor

extended land

Ultra Anima Competition

Buy NFT goods


Socialization is the core of Green Rabbit Game, where players can become 3D avatars and roam freely in the city. The texture of the game screen is full of sci-fi style, so as the modeling.

At present, the project is in its infancy, and the threshold for getting started is low, and you can experience it with or without money. If you’re on the free version and don’t have a WAX Cloud Wallet connected, then you’ll be assigned a generic avatar and a random temporary name. However, if you’ve connected your WAX Cloud Wallet, the game tab of your choice will appear above your avatar, allowing you to access different customizations that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Also, explore the center and you’ll find even more activities — like hidden hops that allow you to enjoy extraordinary views of the city, and even mini-games prompted by the game keeper. The social center also provides many scenarios with strong practicality and application, that is, live events in the game, such as concerts or various conferences.

Green Rabbit Game founder nVen0m said, “I envision Green Rabbit as a social space and Metaverse at its core, of which the space and Metaverse will become WAX’s virtual space. We will rent out buildings to WAX creators so that their Fans can enter the virtual world.”

Not only does this provide external creators with an easy way to bring their projects into the 3D world, it also gives them the tools they need to make things happen, especially if creators don’t have the tools to complete their own projects. This is quite novel, and we are looking forward to it!

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