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The PhantaBear project is jointly initiated by Ezek and PHANTACi of Jay Chou. It is a collection of 10,000 digital collectibles generated algorithmically that double as Ezek Club membership cards. Every PhantaBear has a unique set of traits and can unlock different access permission and privilege for players.

The team wanted to combine the artistic vision with the new blockchain era by creating the PhantaBearNFT project. The PhantaBear itself has bright eyes with its heart filled with the artistic talent of MandopopKing. The 10,000 unique PhantaBears feature the signature fashion of PHANTACi and offer abundant benefits both online and offline, allowing players to enjoy life in and out of the metaverse.

Every PhantaBear has a unique set of traits and can unlock different access permission and privilege for players. Some carry with the style of JAY, that is, with clothing and accessories designed by the fashion brand PHANTACi co-founded by Jay Chou and his friend Ric. Since this type of bear carries with the design elements of Jay Chou, it should be the most wanted and popular by the fans.

PhantaBearNFT owners can experience the new entertainment world of EzekMetaverse in advance. And of course, the player’s PhantaBear can double as the Ezek membership card and grant members exclusive benefits.

The word NFT should be familiar to everyone now. As the new favorite of the Metaverse, in addition to the reasons for the entry of fashion bigwigs, NFTs are popular in the fashion circle resulted from the feature that NFTs also have a sales model similar to the purchase right of the sneakers original price, but with higher threshold.

The most popular project of this week is the PhantaBear series of NFTs jointly released by the fashion brand PHANTACi of Jay Chou and the NFT platform Ezek, which was snapped up within 40 minutes with sales amount about ¥62,000,000 in RMB tokens. In addition to the influence of Jay Chou himself, the participation of Edison Chen also contributed to the obvious increase of PhantaBear series NFTs, resulting in PhantaBear took off directly like a rocket in the market.

Jay Chou even posted on Instagram to celebrate the top 1 transaction ranking of the series on OpenSea in the past week, surpassing the NFT avatar inBetweeners collected by Justin Bieber, and also leaving behind the originator of NFT avatars, CryptoPunks. The popularity and amazing sales&revenue of the project quickly triggered the public passion, leading to the reporting of CNN and other international media. Not to mention the immeasurable influence of Jay’s, this project has become a global hit very soon.

With the endorsement of celebrity and the effect of wealth-making, lots of fans followed this NTF and bought it. It can be seen that they don’t buy it for fond, but for feelings for Jay Chou. Just the owners on the Opensea alone has over 5,000, and many investors shop madly buying 50 to 100 pieces with large amount of money. It is believed that PhantaBear is the most potential NFT with opportunity to go as the Bayc route in the current market. Well, after all, the Meme Effect is so mighty now with the inestimable upside spaces.


PiratesWorld: Sea of Treasures is an NFT project based on the economy of oracle machine, where players can find the perfect combination of pirates and the crypto world. In the project, players can strategically create crews, forge pirates and ships, which have rarity to provide advantages in the expedition of the seven oceans.

The expeditions are full of challenge. Players will fight bosses on the island and encounter sea monsters destroying ships at sea.

$RGOLD (ROYALGOLD) is the general token in the project, and players can use it to mint pirates and ships to enjoy a part of the vast ocean, experience the thrill of strategic projects and earn $RGOLD.

This is a treasure-hunt project. Before starting the project, players need to make 2 elements to NFTs as well, which is ships and pirates. Every ship and pirate has rare items coming in boxes, which can be bought in a certain value using $RGOLD or directly on the market. These ships only own the property of pirates who will plunder the island.

There are differences in rarity of ships and pirates. Ships allow pirates to transport them to new islands, earning better rewards based on the gained snatching power. These ships also have rarity after forging, which determines the number of pirates a player can transport on one expedition. The maximum of ship a player’s crew can own is limited to 10.

Flying Dutchman – rarity 5 with 5 pirates loaded; Queen Anne’s Revenge – rarity 4 with 4 pirates loaded; Royal Wanderer – rarity 3 with 3 pirates loaded; Rising Sun – rarity 2 with 2 pirates loaded; Fancy – rarity 1 with 1 pirate loaded.

Pirates are the main snatching force, they venture out in the vast ocean to find $RGOLD, the great treasure, and each pirate also needs to maintain the guild of the crew. The snatching power of pirates also accumulates as more pirates adding to the army and higher quality stars gaining. To reach the first island, the player needs 100PP (snatching power), 2 pirates with 50PP, or 1 pirate with 100PP and higher, and a ship to load them. Pirate of rarity 5 with 200–250 snatching power; pirate of rarity 4 with 150–200 snatching power; pirate of rarity 3 with 100–150 snatching power; pirate of rarity 2 with 50–100 snatching power; pirates of rarity 1with 1–50 snatching power.

The PiratesWorld project team is always ambitious, whose goal is to make this project the greatest pirate project on the blockchain. Players can enjoy being part of the vast ocean, experience the thrill of strategic projects, and earn $RGOLD in the project.

The project uses $RGOLD as a general token to mint pirates and ships, and prolongs the life of pirates by hiring and trading on the pirate world market. What is interesting enough is the Pirate World ecosystem also offers special events such as guild wars that can earn lots of $RGOLD for crew members, as well as other events to find pirates and unique ships for each season. Additionally, for every ocean exploration, pirates must have a contract that is paid in $RGOLD and lasts for 7 years.

PiratesWorld has high integration standards for different markets of NFT collectibles, so every NFT owned by players can be directly sold on the internal market and the market of related partners, making it easy to realize play to earn. At the same time, the team also wants to integrate all the possible Metaverse into its ecosystem, so that players will soon be able to find a museum of NFT collectibles in TheSandboxMetaverse.

Rewards for resources snatched by players on islands will increase based on crew level and the type of island they participate in. An oracle machine has been implemented to maintain the dollar value of the reward, which also prevents the reward pool from being depleted quickly. This allows the project to balance the $RGOLD payout earned in expeditions and keep the price of USD-based minted token constant relative to the $RGOLD price in the market, with the help of the technology of oracle machine, the reward pool can be ensured to remain balanced, giving this project a certain balance.


Ethlas is a free P2E project on the Polygon chain, hosting a library of internal and third-party projects on our unified crypto rewards platform. Players earn $GEM by ranking on leaderboards and participating in tournaments. And through the Genesis NFT series, Komos can be outfitted with in-project utilities to affect the earning rate of players and unlock special PVP project modes.

The Ethlas Game Metaverse consists of a series of ultra-casual and casual projects, which mainly reward players in two ways which is the leaderboard mode, ranking in the top 300 of any project, the other is the progress reward.

There is a lot of GameFi in the project, mostly focused on the economy part. However, Ethlas positions itself as a “Play-first” project, which is more about interesting projects with cryptographic token mechanics, casual arcade games and puzzle projects in the casual library.

Players can check the ranking in the daily leaderboards and earn $GEM to be top one. There are time-limited tournaments requiring $GEM to enter, and top players can also get pots of $GEM tickets. Komo Royale is a PVP-based project where the player’s Komo will come to fight, customize the character by collecting and upgrading Komos with the player’s Wheel of Fortune, and earn free $GEM, energy and Komos with daily spins.

The gem fountain has a chance to win the full color of $GEM, and the daily streak can log in continuously to win the free lucky wheel. There is also a market where you can buy items in the project, and also buy Komo upgrades to enhance NFT so that you can conduct P2P transactions !

Ethlas aims to be a truly interoperable metaverse that uses blockchain technology to bring the era of mass-market consuming project, making it easy for players to realize the benefits. At the same time of experiencing the entertainment of the project, you can also gain income. In the traditional project world, the financialization of fun is not a new concept, which means players can exchange the items in the project (skins, accessories, weapons, etc.) for income in real world. It should be an interesting thing that players participating in projects on GameFi and spending time on a platform that can really realize benefits for players, which is a good trend in the future.

Ethlas is player-centric, of which the project mechanics and incentive structure are designed to create efficient flows within the ecosystem. Players get 10 energy to ensure the right to play any item in the library every day, and they can get gems by using their skills and making efforts in the project. As long as they participate in the project, they can get free spins on the wheel of fortune with the opportunity to get energy, gems and even NFT. Players can earn $GEM rewards for staying on the top in the daily leaderboard.

The team will introduce higher-level projects for players who are looking for higher returns in the future, of which the gameplay is the same, and the return will get higher if you pay more. Because you need to place $GEM in advance to participate in higher-level projects, which is different from other projects, which is risk-free.

As Ethlas begins to expand, the team hopes to open the platform to developers of external project to participate in the P2E ecosystem. Project developers will share the benefits of the Ethlas ecosystem based on the energy and $GEM players spend on the project, which achieves a win-win situation to ensure high-quality projects, while Ethlas focuses on maintaining the stability of the economy, security and ecosystem design. It can be seen that what the team wants to build is a project platform that will not waste players’ time, energy and money, but hope that each other can get real benefits.

We will stay relatively optimistic for the future development and planning of Ethlas!

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