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Project information

Brief Introduction of The Project

Planet IX is a crypto game, or precisely, is an NFT-based strategy game. Using a virtual copy of the Earth as your arena, your goal is to restore the planet to its former green and blue glory. You do this by collecting virtual land of pixels. Planet IX consists of exactly 1.6 billion pixels, all of which are individual NFTs. So your task is simple, to collect as many pixels as possible and help build tomorrow’s planet.

Development line


Planet IX games and stories are told in chapters. With each new chapter, a new collection of NFTs will be introduced, as well as temporarily new and exclusive game mechanics, and possibly mini-games and Easter eggs. Players will also be invited to discover more about Planet IX, as many aspects of it are somehow hidden in the world of Planet IX.

Another thing happening in each new chapter of Planet IX is the focus on sustainability and impact. Planet IX wants to have a wide range of partners and initiatives, not just take the entire game on a single project. “We really believe we can change the world, and for many in need, why limit ourselves to a sustainable field?”

Some of the core assets of Planet IX will also be shown differently in each chapter, as they will “live” at different times in the story. To that end, our goal is to keep the game fresh and interesting, both for pioneer players who have been in Planet IX from the beginning, and newcomers who will start playing Planet IX.

Level up details

1. Pixels

The virtual planet consists of 1.6 billion hexagonal virtual lands called pixels, which are divided into different categories and grades based on where they are located, some more rare than others. Each pixel is a unique NFT.

2. Map

Planet map as your search function. Swipe and zoom in on the area of your choice to take a closer look. Filters allow you to easily see which pixels you have purchased in the area and which are for sale in the marketplace. Who says it must be difficult to save the planet?

3. Market

The marketplace is where pixels are bought, sold and bid, by which to buy connected pixels to create and build larger coherent areas. Pixels you collect are marked in green, and those available for purchase are marked in red. Find the pixel you want to buy or bid on, and then click on it.

4. Territory

Territories are an important part of Planet IX and are divided into six categories: The first category is the smallest of individual pixels. Each area requires more interconnected pixels until you finally reach the maximum stage of an area. When you reach the territory level reach area, you will start earning rewards by staking your territory. The bigger the territory you invest, the higher the reward.

Later, you will be able to form territories by merging them with each other, i.e. merging two regions creates a domain. By doing so, separate ownership and rewards from other AoCs — — Sharing is caring (and a strategy).

5. Landmarks

Landmarks are divided into different numbers of stakes, which can be found both in drops and in raffles. Landmarks come in different rarities and traits, and depending on the rarity, the Landmark will receive a fee from all transactions in that particular area. For example: Common Landmarks have a smaller yield area, while Legendary Landmarks have a much larger yield area. There are a total of 888 landmarks, all of which are divided into shares. Some landmarks have only 1 share, and some landmarks can have thousands of shares. All shares have true ownership and can be traded in the market.

6. List your pixels

Visit and connect your wallet. Find the pixel you want to sell on a map or inventory. Press the “Sell USD” button next to that pixel in the menu. The sale screen will now pop up. Choose how long you want your listing or auction to last, and set your fixed price or minimum accepted bid. Finally, press “Sell” to list your pixel.

7. Game season

The story of Planet IX is told in a seasonal fashion. New collections of NFTs are introduced each season, along with updated game mechanics. A season may also contain additional mini-games and other “Easter eggs”. These will all play a key role in the evolution of the game as it reveals new and important parts of Planet IX’s story, and players need pieces to progress.

There is unique sustainability focus of each season on its own. Planet IX will work with a wide range of projects, initiatives and NGOs in order to be able to make a real impact in as many areas as possible. By not limiting ourselves to one sustainable area, we believe we can maximize the impact and difference we can make. This is true in games, and it is true on Earth.

The appearance of some core assets will vary from season to season. Evolution and iteration need to be visible and tangible to the player in order to maintain a better push. Therefore, we need to change and evolve over time to attract new players as well as loyal number-one players.

8. How the Planet IX DAO will work

Planet IX DAO aims to serve the community through its funds. The Planet IX DAO was conceived by core team members who have been deeply researching within the NFT ecosystem. PIX DAO will take action to support and invite the best users, projects and DAOs that are going well on Planet IX.

PlanetIX DAO and the Treasury are eager to promote the use of our token for the following purposes:

Support creators, artists, developers and active community members who continue to demonstrate leadership and create value for Planet IX.

Support initiatives to test untested essays to learn and improve game knowledge.

Participate in supporting other like-minded NFT projects through your respective community or social token projects.

Acquire created NFTs outside of Planet IX and turned them into fragmented NFTs so they could be plugged into emerging DeFi solutions, aiming to share more decentralized ownership and benefits with Planet IX users.

The creative space for NFTs is limitless, and we believe Planet IX will explore subdividing some of the acquired NFTs for wider community interaction. For example, if there is a piece of art that Planet IX DAO members want to subdivide, they can vote for it. However, it is worth mentioning that Planet IX DAO is not a speculative NFT project party.

Economic model

IX Token (IXT) is an in-game utility token. Pixels can be purchased on the Planet IX Marketplace. Token holders will play an important role in shaping the future of Planet IX. Their choices for virtual ecosystem upgrades will have a major impact on the game itself, and therefore on sustainable projects supported by the Planet IX community treasury.

A total of 153,258,228 IX tokens have been minted starting on November 22, 2021 at 12:00 UTC and will be available for four (4) years.

The initial four-year distribution of total supply is roughly as follows:

43.00% or 66,000,000 to the community

20.00% or 30,000,000 to early users as retroactive airdrop reward

5% or 8,000,000 for active users who complete certain game milestones

13% or 20,000,000 games earned rewards, distributed through a combination of win rate, game progress and user decision points

2.50% or 4,000,000 to the community treasury

2.50% or 4,000,000 to PIX staking into the liquidity pool

16.00% or 24,000,000 as staking reward

16.00% or 24,000,000 community investors via Liquidity Raise

6% or 9,100,000 to early investors in Planet IX

17.00% or 26,000,000 to founders, employees, advisors and advisors of Planet IX

2.00% or 3,000,000 to future employees and consultants of Planet IX

The exact number and breakdown of tokens can be found here.


Planet IX is an NFT-based strategy game that offers players a unique gaming experience through true digital ownership of NFTs. With over 260,000+ network wallets, Planet IX has a large and dedicated community that puts it at the forefront of the NFT game.

The game is characterized by players competing to accumulate virtual land, and all in-game assets are irreplaceable tokens. The game regularly features chapters with new NFT collections, with several mini-games.

Planet IX is made up of virtual plot pixels that are up for grabs. Players must compete and cooperate to get as much of the land as possible. The game designs a real-world location in a video game-like universe, and the world is grappling with human impact on the environment just like our planet. In this regard, it guides users to develop without breaking the environment. The virtual plots are in a 1:1 ratio to the fields on our planet, and they appear in a grid-like system. Additionally, having multiple pixels nearby enables users to mint new NFTs on the platform.

The game story in Planet IX unfolds gradually, and users need to pay attention to the next chapter to be eligible for NFT collections and mini-games. So in order to increase the chances of more NFT collections, you can work with your friends to brush copies to fight for greater profits.

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