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We are the team of DappOnline, today we’re here talking about the PEGAXY:

Firstly, why we share this project?

Secondly, to talk about the basic overview of the project.

Thirdly, the detailed information of the project and level-up method.

Why we share this project?

PEGAXY, a sci-fi horse racing game on the Polygon Chain, is a unified type of game with the recently popular WIN NFT HORSE, however its sci-fi style and excellent game system bring a whole different experience to the game.

The massive PGX rewards of PEGAXY are initially distributed from the Ecosystem Fund, but ultimately comes from the community treasury. The rewards are abundant and designed to help players grow in the game, and the top 3 players in each tier at the end of the match will receive the rewards.

Also, Pegaxy’s painting style is exquisite, and the horse racing is interesting that inferior mobiles can also get into it, which forms a basic guarantee. However, the reason why it can come in this place in the cold winter of gamefi, the most critical support is still the lease contract mechanism. The game has a strong marketing team to promote it in Southeast Asia, who work very hard to promote the game even door-to-door, telling people that this project can realize play to earn, thus huge traffic comes as the strong promotion goes.

1. Basic overview

1.1 Project Introduction

Pegaxy is a PVP style horse racing game where players can breed, rent, sell, and of course race their Pega to earn VIS tokens. The system has been proven to be a reliable long-term economic model when building NFT blockchain-based games, as it enables teams to build large guilds, bonus programs, and even provide single-player with the opportunities to earn other income through daily matches.

The first sale of 5,000 Founding Pegas took place in October 2021, and the same month the PGX was launched via IDO. The original 5,000 Pegas are called the “Founding” Pegas because they are the only ones created by the Pegaxy development team. Every Pega after the former 5,000 is forged through an in-game breeding model.

  1. 2 Project development route
  1. 3 Team introduction
  1. 4 Investment institutions

2. Detailed project information

2.1 Project introduction

Pegaxy is a gamefi horse-racing game, running on Polygon, with the team members mainly from Vietnam and the Philippines, and the investment institutions are mainly, kyber, and the economic model is the same as AXS — — dual token model. PGX is the governance token, and the Staking function will be launched in the future, with a total amount of 1B, and 32M in the early stage of circulation, and VIS is the game token with no limit.

Horses, props, and venues in the Pegaxy horse-racing game will all be NFT assets, which can be rented, transferred, and traded. Pegaxy gameplay functions mainly include four types — — trading market, rental market, competition, and breeding. Players only need a small investment to have almost unlimited profit potential with the various gameplay.

2.2 Project Mode

Pegaxy is a play to earn PVP horse-racing game where players can compete for the top 3 with 11 other racers. Each race has random elemental variables, including wind, water, fire, speed, and so on. Using strategic upgrades, food and skills, players must be in the top 3 to get the platform utility token VIS.

Pegaxy is highly regarded in the industry for its innovations in leasing systems without credit, on-chain technology, and weighted economic balance. Many also attribute its popularity to gameplay, team transparency, and community involvement during development.

The gameplay is divided into — — Regular season and Sprint tournament

Regular season

You do not need to pay for tickets for Regular season participation, and you can choose the PEGA (horse) to participate in the competition by purchasing or leasing, and also you can get rewards if you enter the top 3 among the 11 contestants.

Sprint tournament

The Sprint tournament is held once a year, and the first 11 months are the qualification months. The 12 players with the highest data in the five levels will be selected once in a month, that is, a total of 660 players will be selected to participate in the global finals. The winner will get abundant rewards.

Note: Once qualified, the 13th will fill that spot if one stay in the top 12th in two consecutive months.

Monthly preliminaries

The top 12 in each tier that qualify for the Grand Dash Finals each month will be rewarded with $PGX.

Sprint final

A large amount of PGX rewards are initially distributed from the Ecosystem Fund, but ultimately comes from the community treasury. The rewards are abundant and designed to help players grow in the game. The top 3 players in each tier at the end of the match will receive the rewards.

3. Details about the information in the project

3.1 How to earn tokens while playing

Race the Pega in PVP mode.

Market a high-performance or nascent Pega.

Rent out their Pega on the rental market for a racing profit or on a regular lease.

Collect rare “Founding” and “Crowned” Pega to resell through market hype.

Compete in “The Grand Dash”,which is the global competition of Pegaxy. The competition runs for 12 months and ends in December, with the top 12 drivers in each class (60 players per month in total) competing in a series of events until the top 15 drivers (top 3 in every tier) are determined in the finals in December. Finally, the top 15 out of all will receive abundant PGX rewards.

3.2 Rental system

There are three types of rentals in the Pegaxy game — — fixed leases, profit sharing and direct leases.

Note: Direct leasing is designed for game guilds, by leasing NFTs to players through purchase and breeding is the core point of most game guilds.

3.3 Reproductive system

First of all, PEGA itself has different pedigrees and rarity distinctions, which play a decisive role in its breeding system. Pagaxy initially created 5,000 founding Pegas, which is the basis for future breeding.

The most noble bloodline is Hoz, and the least is Zan. The offspring of two different bloodlines will be lower than the original one.

At the same time, reproduction is also related to rarity. There are five rarities in total, and only the PEGA of the first creation can cultivate the legendary PEGA variety, while the same rarity will breed PEGA of a lower level.

It sounds a bit complicated, let’s give an example. A LEGENDARY Hoz and an EPIC Klin will be together bred at the RARE level, which means the breeding line of Hoz and Klin are determined by the lower one, so they will get a RARE Klin.

3.4 Gender

The sex of reproduction is random, with 50% female and 50% male.

Each PEGA of a female can reproduce seven times in total, and the more times of reproductions, the more tokens will be consumed.

3.5 Equipment

According to the different attributes of the track, PEGA can also install equipment, with different attributes to restrain each other, and players need to select the appropriate equipment according to different venue conditions. It is important to note that Gear has positive and negative effects on attributes.

For example, if you use a breastplate that increases strength by 1%, it will also reduce speed or firepower by 1%.

This is a simplified formula:

speed <-> intensity <-> fire <-> water <-> wind <-> light <-> speed

3.6 Food

Yes, you might feel confused here, even mechanical horses need food! While this type of food affects the attributes of PEGA and lasts for seven days.

There are two extremely rare foods:

Holy nectar

Reduced the growing time of newborn Pega from 4 days to 3 days. which allows Pega to play in matches just 3 days after birth.

Joy of sunshine

This is used to permanently change the color of your Pega once a time.

3.7 Evolution

Every five pieces of Fabled Tokens in game can evolve a Pega once. Fabled Tokens are obtained through the referral system in the initial Founding Pega sale, through which to get 5 Fabled tokens using the referral code to refer 5 friends! Each referral will bring +1 Fabled, with the maximum supply is 4,000 Fabled.

So if you want to strength your PEGA, you invite your friends as much as you can!

3.8 Track/Stadium

Finally, here to introduce a design of the finale. Each different track in the game has different attributes. In the later stage, the sales of the stadium may be included in the sales activities (similar to land), because participating in the game does not need consumption of tokens, which can continue to attract players into the games, and stadiums end up with a percentage gain from the ecosystem.

3.9 Pegaxy Economic Model

Pegaxy Stones (PGX) sit on the chain of Polygon Layer 2 and are developed as a governance token for the Pegaxy Metaverse. Initially, there are very limited ways to earn PGX through the game itself, which this will change and grow with the introduction of community staking.

In a nutshell, when staking goes online, players will be able to stake their tokens in the vault and receive PGX rewards, as well as the ability to vote on key ecosystem developments and proposals. Eventually, players will be able to earn PGX through major tournaments and other events. At the same time, PGX can also be used for breeding and market transactions. The acquisition of VIS is mainly obtained by winning the game, and breeding also requires a large amount of VIS.

In this mode, if you want to get more PEGA, you need to get a lot of VIS, then you need to further improve the PEGA to balance each other. Also, five different levels are set in the game, which can meet the needs of different amount of investment requirements of players.

Pegaxy will eventually turn to more traditional/manual skill games from automatic matches. People will need to manually control their Pega during matches, giving skilled players the opportunity to perform better in the game.

These updates will come within a few months of release. Just go and be am early investor of this project!

If you are interested in this project, you can visit the project homepage of Pegaxy for more details — --

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