The Meaning And Inspiration of Metaverse in Marketing

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckeberg, has recently published articles declaring his determination and imagination to enter Metaverse, and officially renamed the company: Meta on 2021.10.29. There are many opinions on this, totday we will discuss about the Metaverse Meta from the perspective of marketing strategy.

The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together — Connect 2021

See the future imagination of Metaverse from Connect 2021

As early as the beginning of June this year, we have started a Metaverse-related room discussion with many overseas Chinese in the Clubhouse. At that time in Taiwan, no one had any discussions about it, and we felt that the plot of the “first-level player” movie was still far from our lives. Unexpectedly, in less than half a year, this concept has swept the world.

Zuckerberg showcases his vision for the Metaverse at connect 2021. As we can see from the video, Facebook is no longer just a social media company, but a technology company that creates people-to-people connections.

The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together — Connect 2021

Here are some thoughts after watching:

It feels like Facebook has an in-depth study of the factors that make the community successful today for Meta! Be highly integrated with all the fragmented things that have happened, and think of life farther into the future. This is a pattern that defines a new lifestyle, not simply a product launch sharing.

Additionally, it will also be discovered that the key to completing the Meta Metaverse is to build on a new portal device. It’s like Tinkerbell needs any door to enter the fantasy world. In the book “Attention Merchant”, it is mentioned that smart merchants have been capturing the attention and time of consumer life in print media, radio, television and smartphones from ancient times to the present, and then realize the possibility of cashing. Especially today’s mobile devices are integrated into our lives and are monsters that steal most of our attention. This grand vision will be based on who gets hold of our next future portal devices (the next devices), cell phones or Metaverse VR glasses?

The film mentions many changes in the scene, such as, people don’t have to look down at the mobile phone screen, and it is mentioned that the screen gives us insufficient experience and sense of presence. These phenomena are true descriptions, but they also make me think of the geographical advantage of Apple’s mastery of portal devices and the subsequent impact on Facebook. Therefore, Meta’s big fanfare allows us to open up the imagination of future life, presumably to get rid of mobile phone screens and gain new geographical advantages in different behavioral tracks.

Image via: The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together — Connect 2021

At the same time, think carefully about the big space program of the Metaverse, behind the evolution of the community from more than ten years, the connection between people, and the key influence of experiencing the entrance device. Even the negative storms encountered in the past are actively mentioned, such as personal account security and privacy issues. This is an optimization consideration that incorporates historical lessons into the next generation. The film also mentions the importance and support of creators a lot, because only with a large number of creators can the Metaverse be richer. This piece can be seen from the rise of YouTube, the rise of Tiktok, and the decline of clubhouse. We can all see the key to the rise of the platform to obtain creator support. In other words, for content creators, it is undoubtedly a bonus in another era.

Meta has made a melting pot of creators, installations, life scenes, etc. Its artistic conception is like a logo, and it can go to infinity because of integration. Coincidentally, the shape is also highly similar to the glasses, as if to enter through the glasses of the entrance device and see the Metaverse of infinite imagination.

Image via: The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together — Connect 2021

From any door at the entrance, it is also wearing augmented reality glasses, which is not much different from the past. But once again, Mark Zuckeberg has shown great marketing skill — the magic of storytelling. Firstly give the world a space for imagination, arouse high interest and yearning, let people have a sense of presence in the future, and then drive the importance of entrance installations. Regarding the operation in this area, it is worth learning and borrowing from advertising marketers. At the same time, it is also a good inspiration for the unit of hardware thinking. A way of thinking beyond the product, from the vision to talk about the improvement of human society. Just like the shock and emotion that Jia Boqi left the world.

Image via: The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together — Connect 2021

If you look closely at every detail or device of the Metaverse, it’s not particularly innovative. But to boldly imagine, to define the future, to make a big integration of all the pieces of technology applications or social media, and to give the imagination of new life. The thinking behind this is also worth admiring and learning. We are reminded again of Einstein’s words, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

The dream of the Metaverse is huge, and the actual landing is still unknown. Jack Ma said — You don’t believe when you see success, but you see success when you believe. In Mark Zuckeberg’s Metaverse, the blueprint has been laid out for all of us to believe that the company is moving toward the future they believe. And what we can learn from Meta is to break the frame and imagine bravely.

From Facebook to the Meta Metaverse on Marketing Strategies

From Facebook to the Metaverse, what’s the inspiration for marketing?

Facebook Inc. is heading towards the Metaverse, not just as a slogan, but at the end of October it officially announced its name changing to Meta.

Regarding this big move, we has some views on marketing strategy to share:

■ Considerations for renaming

Image via: The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together — Connect 2021

Many media have mentioned that renaming can suppress Facebook’s past notoriety. Regarding the “rename” for Facebook’s notorious deeds over the years, the author believes that the improvement is limited! Even if it is based on the reputation of good or bad, it is considered meaningless. Facebook has always been a big hit, and many information and products are very transparent. If there is any controversy in the future, it will just change the name from Facebook to Meta. Even if it helps with past controversies, there’s no guarantee the company won’t have trouble in the future. Don’t forget that Facebook is developing into more unknown areas, and controversies and risks on this road will inevitably collide. Therefore, disputes cannot be avoided. Changing the name to deodorize doesn’t really help much.

■ Market positioning

In the future layout, it is very worth discussing! Judging from Zuckerberg’s speech, the company has shifted from a community orientation to one that defines new life in the future.

Facebook is gradually losing its charm in the new-generation community. In recent years, it can be seen that its benefits are limited in the audio-visual community. North American IG users are no better than Chinese Tiktok, and they are no better than YouTube when it comes to fighting for creators. It can be seen that Facebook is already facing a foreseeable recession crisis in the next young generation! If you still go hand in hand in terms of community positioning and level, you will not only have the notoriety of the community accumulated in the past, but also will not see very attractive new works. As a result, the momentum for market growth is limited. When the traffic is limited, the reserved volume is gradually lost, and the Chinese market cannot enter, and the advertising revenue that supports the revenue can also see the fate of future life, a future that is heading for a slow decline.

In declaring a new position, a strategy of dimensional upgrade was made. Develop the lifestyle of the next generation and gain the right to speak and focus on the future. Pushing the global wave of life into a new imaginary world, it also simultaneously draws attention to the imagination of this new wave of life by people in other community camps. It was originally a competition for users at the community platform level, and it has become a yearning to upgrade to a new type of life. And there are really not many unicorns who can truly practice the Metaverse blueprint. From encountering the bottleneck of user growth, find the quadratic curve of user growth.

Bringing the next generation of quadratic curves with a new positioning, Meta is making a big move!

Image via: The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together — Connect 2021

■ Master the new era of navigation for users

Judging from the match that Facebook are facing now, a bunch of social platforms are fiercely grabbing users. For example, Tiktok is coming, and the Chinese market cannot digest it. With a business model that relies on users to boost advertising revenue, the ceiling is already visible. If you want to break the game, in addition to the competition in the original game, it is to acquire new users from a new strategic height. This is really not simply to change the name to get rid of the bad reputation, but to increase the dimension to seize the right to speak in the new era!

The mobile device Apple also blocks ads from tracking the last mile. This stuck intersection is the culprit behind the recent decline in Facebook’s stock price. If the barriers of entry devices cannot be overcome, it is difficult for brands to increase their advertising budgets no matter how many users are. No matter how much social media you acquire, you always have to pass the entrance installation. Therefore, to completely solve the problem of the kidnapping of the entrance device, which cannot be bypassed in the existing environment, then Facebook will create one. I can’t buy spices by land, so I’ll develop a new sea route to East India.

Think if Facebook chooses to compete with Apple on mobile devices, it may not be able to win the already mature Apple ecosystem. Perhaps the best competitive strategy is to avoid it and re-establish a new consumption behavior pattern. Dedicating your budget and time to creating new lifestyles has the potential to replace today’s mobile devices with new lifestyle habits. Move from the phone to the glasses (the next devices) and keep the Meta from being kidnapped by the controlled entry device.

Image via: The Metaverse and How We’ll Build It Together — Connect 2021

■ Does Facebook have confidence?

As a community leader that grasps the crowd, it is relatively easy to change user behavior on existing resources. In his world, there are crowds from various installations. Now, Facebook, in turn, redirects those people to another “device” or “portal” that belongs to Facebook, much easier than other competitors.

Not to mention the community data and funds accumulated in the past, he may know what information you want better than you! Perhaps this move is also discovered through big data, and people are generally curious and motivated about the future of science fiction. Therefore, I have the confidence to call out such a great mission and vision.

“I don’t compete with you, but directly lay out the game for the next generation for you.”

It is really a big move that Facebook has the ability to take. It is no longer just social media connecting people, but technology companies connecting people. Make a long-term layout from positioning and ascending dimensions, and define the quadratic curve of the next generation’s growth from decades of competition and lessons. At the same time, in the short-term, it has indeed lifted the stock price of the recent trough.

In the end, the author believes that this is a battle that does not start a new game, and I believe that the Apple camp will also join it. The two major leaders have their own advantages, and the battle of life in the future must be very exciting. This day will be memorable and will be the most far-reaching milestone for mankind since the information revolution. When the blueprint for the future is clearer, the closer we are to our goal.

Are you ready for the next generation of life? Is it to go to the Martian life in the original universe or embrace the Metaverse full of sci-fi plots?

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