TopHolder Get Access To Weibo — — Is Digital Collection Socializing Now?

Popular digital collections “invading” social platforms

On March 17th, Wang Zijian, a senior player in digital collections, noticed that the Weibo celebrity @GeniusPanda released the digital collection “Running” on Weibo. He has been following this IP for many years, and he immediately placed an order for ¥8,888 after released — — “It has a certain collection value”, he said.

Wang Zijian placed an order for the digital collection “Running”

Since last March, digital artist Beeple’s NFT work “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days” was auctioned for a sky-high price of 69 million dollars (about 450 million yuan). NFT has completely “out to be famous” overseas now, and the popularity has returned to China. Artists, designers, and museums have all joined the creation of digital collections one after another, and many digital collections sold out as soon as they were released.

NFT digital collections are digitized specific works, artworks and commodities that are uniquely identified by blockchain technology, which means that they are irreplaceable, unique, and even regarded as one of the current development directions that are most compatible with the Metaverse. However, unlike foreign NFTs that mainly focus on cryptocurrency transactions and support secondary circulation, the mainstream digital collection platforms in China, affected by compliance and other factors, only support RMB payment and have certain restrictions on secondary transactions.

But this does not affect the enthusiasm of the domestic market. Digital collections have become a status symbol, and young people are willing to pay for their aesthetics and hobbies to buy digital collections, creators come from all over to release digital collections, also big manufacturers have stepped in and launched digital collections trading platforms.

Weibo celebrity @GeniusPanda was able to launch digital collections on Weibo because, on this day, Weibo reached a cooperation with “TopHolder Top Collector”, a self-media digital collection tool set under Tianxiaxiu. TopHolder will be the only official service provider of digital collections on the Weibo platform to support the development of its digital collection business.

One is a domestic top social platform, and the other is a digital collection platform that can connect the Metaverse virtual life community “Hong Universe”. When real social encounters with digital collections, the outside world is curious — — what new gameplay will this cooperation bring? What variables will it bring to the digital collection market?

Cultural&creative artists and IPs are releasing digital collections

The digital collectible market is surging that everyone is trying to catch up with the trend.

On March 17th, after seeing the digital collections released by @GeniusPanda, the cartoonist @SheepBoBo was attracted by TopHolder so that he learned that Weibo users can apply to become the creators of digital collections on the platform, after which he decided to settle in immediately.

Digital Collection by @SheepBoBo

He soon succeeded in the application, and then he uploaded 2 of his own works as a digital collection, priced at ¥2,999.

“Very unexpectedly, both works were bought within 5 minutes.” He uploaded another piece that night, which sold the next morning as well.

Previously, @SheepBoBo has also paid attention to other digital collection platforms, but hasn’t made any move so far. Until this time when Weibo was connected to TopHolder, he was attracted to the operation of generating digital collections with one click, just like sending a tweet.

The immediate feedback from the initial try further aroused his curiosity.

“I plan to study the ‘mystery’ in it recently. I will devote my attention and effort to digital collections if things go well.”

The cartoonist @SheepBoBo is not the first one who tasted the sweetness of the digital collection market. After all, the popularity of this market has long been an open secret.

Relevant reports show that the transaction volume of the NFT market in 2021 will reach $17.6 billion — — a year-on-year surge of at least 210 times. In the domestic market, digital collections such as the Dunhuang series were sold out as soon as released.

Ye Yurui, Co-Secretary-General of the Metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation, told us that the post-90s and Generation Z — — the main force of consumption in the future, were born in an era of relatively abundant material, and they paid more attention to spiritual needs with willingness to pay for products and services that are easy to share and socialize. Of course, it is not ruled out that some users are waiting for the price out of investment psychology, expecting to make profits in the future when the regulations allow.

According to observation, collectors snap up digital collections out of three mentalities, one is out of love for some creators, the other is because of social needs, some people have regarded digital collections as a kind of identity recognition, which is the “ticket” to enter a certain circle, and the last is to invest and make money.

No matter what kind of mentality collectors enter, the result is that the digital collection market has accelerated and attracted creators from different fields to join.

On the TopHolder platform, creators in the fields of art and design, cultural&creative IP and IP derivatives, commercial original concepts, etc., can apply to become creators to generate their works into digital collections, publish and trade them. After TopHolder and Weibo are connected, for these creators, there is another way to realize Weibo social assets. The purchase of Wang Zijian for the digital collection to @GeniusPanda can be reckoned as a typical example of the latter social asset realization.

As of March 21st, the digital collections of “YuTaixian National Style Illustration-Sleek Sophisticated” and “Yu Taixian National Style Illustration-Stable” were all sold, priced at ¥30,000.

digital collection of YuTaixian

Digital artist Liang Weihua began to pay attention to the overseas NFT market as early as 2020. He stays close attention to all the platforms whether it is the layout of the digital art field of traditional auction houses, the testing of the digital collection platforms of major manufacturers, or the emergence of new platforms.

Digital Collection of Liang Weihua

He has already settled in TopHolder as early as the independent operation-test stage of last year, and he is adjusting his creative style in time according to the fashion trend of digital collections. On this platform, some of his digital collections have sold for tens of thousands of yuan.

“It was the first time that Weibo digital collections were sold for 10,000 yuan, and I was so excited that I stayed up all night!”

Recently, after Weibo was officially connected to TopHolder, as of March 21st, Liang Weihua had released more than a dozen digital collections, all of which had been sold after some time.

Some people have already got the first piece of cake, which also stimulates more and more pioneers in China to enter. In particular, practitioners related to cultural&creative IP and IP derivatives have seen the potential value of digital collections in the field of IP operations.

GoodsgooStudio, a trend IP creation platform behind Sunac Culture, has been seeking the combination of trend IP and digital art for a while. It felt that digital collections were stepping on the wind, so they started cooperation this spring and planned to settle in TopHolder.

The director Jamie Zeng said,

“Digital collections have become a way for young people to express their attitudes towards life, and there is always an unexpected market for consumers to collect IP. If you want to operate a new form of IP, you must not miss this trend!”

Therefore, the platform is accelerating the combination of its IP and digital collections, and will provide limited-edition digital collection for its 2 IP hairstyles avatars — — AZZZA (Yasa) and Y2K dancer KILKIRA (Kikira).

AZZZA (Yasa) and KILKIRA (Kikira), which are owned by Sunac cultural trend IP platform Goodsgoo, will soon release digital collection avatars.

Jamie Zeng mentioned that the digital creative industry is on the track of rapid development, and the willingness of young people to pay will become stronger and stronger. When digital collections have a certain scarcity that can trigger empathy, target consumers will be found.

He put digital collections and blind boxes together to discuss,

“Young people buy digital collections, just like buying blind boxes, which is an emotional experience consumption behavior. When blind boxes frequently appear in social circles, young people begin to use blind boxes as identity verification in a certain circle, the same is true for digital collections.”


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