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Abell World

AbellWorld is a decentralized platform based on blockchain project and a simulation business project integrated into GameFi. In the project, players can plunder land and conduct wars to create their own virtual kingdom. At the same time, all the project equipment and preps contain NFT attributes with unique value, so that players can freely trade in the market in exchange for token rewards, so as to realize play to earn.

Players can obtain characters by using blind boxes of the four kinds of characters in total. In the first phase of the project, players need to recruit survivors to build their own base, which includes building houses, mysterious factories, energy stations, medicine factories, mines, weapon warehouses, armor shops, dragon blood trees, and research stations, after which players can go on survivor adventure projects, fight with other players and plunder land to get more resources.

Players’ NFT can be placed in the room built by themselves, with one NFT in each room. The mysterious factory is mainly used to produce ABC bottle caps, which is the basic token of the project. And by completing the construction of mysterious factory can unlock the drug factory and the energy station.

The energy station can restore the reserved energy for the survivor, while it cannot be operated if the energy is exhausted. The medicines produced by the medicine factory are mainly used to increase the HP of the survivors, for which the survivors may die if the HP drops to 0.

Players can install weapons and armor on their bodies to improve their defense capabilities and combat effectiveness, and generate higher-level equipment through synthesis. The further weapons and armor will be used as NFTs to achieve circulation. The research station is used to research functions of new equipment, upgrade buildings and unlock new functions of the blood dragon tree. The blood dragon tree is the defense facility in the player’s territory, which can resist the monsters and poisonous gas attack, and also represents the forest system in the project.

The forest coverage rate will affect all the production efficiency. If the rate is greater than or equal to 40%, the production efficiency will act normal; if the rate is less than 40%, the environmental disaster mode will be triggered, and will then lead to extreme climate and production reduction.

The goal of the AbellWorld team is to create a colorful, open and decentralized metaverse by building different virtual spaces and projects. The rules of the project are easy to understand, and you can see at a glance that the team is focusing on the interest and development of system architecture, with combining the advantages of DEFI and NFT to build the economic foundation of the entire metaverse and bring better projects experience and economic benefits to players.

At present, the mechanism design of most metaverse GameFi projects in the market is tedious, however, AbellWorld has established a virtual inflation and deflation mechanism to make a reasonable circulation path in the project. On the one hand, it can create a realistic metaverse concept to make players in this system to innovate a variety of gameplay and cooperation mechanisms. On the other hand, the normal operation of the mechanism can also be maintained.

It is worth mentioning that in order to reflect fairness and openness, the team replaced the token with other tokens at the beginning and competed with all the players, which is well received.

One part of the project design is very attractive, the blood dragon tree is of great significance in the whole project. As we mentioned before, when the forest coverage rate is greater than or equal to 40%, which actually means that the players in the project are active and the project is in the active period, and players’ attention to the project is also increasing. Simultaneously, various assets in the project, including NFT, will be formed rapidly, which encouraging players to continue to participate and obtain benefits quickly. This design is hidden deeply, but very creative.

The first phase of the project is roughly as above, while the second phase will develop monster tide attacks, that is, PVE battles, so players need to guard their homes. After victory, players will get NFT materials and can cast NFT characters independently. Players can continue to train new NFT characters, and also can sell them through the NFT market. The emergence of new NFT characters will lower the threshold for participation, and the characters will be divided into levels as well, but without significant impact on the characters of old players. The entry of new players can promote ecological development and realize project value.

Let’s wait and see the following development of the project. Just come and try it out!

Crypto Piece

Crypto Piece is an adventurous NFT project. Players can recruit mercenaries through the employment contract of the employment center to gather crew members and sail ships for exciting adventures. By capturing criminals on the wanted list, players can earn Belly and level up the Merc.

Before setting sail and hunting, players need to choose mercenaries to form a crew in 4 MyCrews at most. By purchasing mercenary contract in the Merc center, players will randomly receive a mercenary NFT ranging from common to piety in rarity.

All Mercs recruited by players will be listed in MyCrew, and mercenaries can also be purchased at the MercCentre and summoned by signing a mercenary contract. Merc is one of the main NFTs in Crypto Piece, which can initially be recruited through the employment contract in the MercCenter and later be traded among players in the Marketplace.

Mercenaries are divided into seven elements, namely fire, earth, gold, water, wood, dark, and light, of which the rarity is also divided into seven types, namely common, rare, elite, epic, legendary, myth, and piety, and the recruitment rate is different as 51%, 24%, 11%, 7%, 4%, 2% and 1%.

There is also knacks for fighting, such as fire is strong against wood but weak against water, water is strong against fire but weak against earth, earth is strong against water but weak against gold, gold is strong against earth but weak against wood, wood is strong against gold but weak against fire, while light and dark are vulnerable to each other.

Just from the nautical elements on the cover of Crypto Piece, can we know that it is consistent with the hottest anime One Piece, including the characters, painting style, scenes, and Devil Fruits in the project are all the same as the anime, the difference is that Crypto Piece appears to be the cartoon version. Every single player can form a crew and experience the adventure of sailing into the sea now. As a fan of One Piece, you can’t miss it!

From the One Piece anime, it can be clearly seen that without looking at the face, just from the back, a small accessory or a slight feature can you find who this character is, the same fit for Crypto Piece. With each character being unique, it will bring a visual impact and impression to the audience, not to mention that this is an important element of the success of this anime.

The team created this project to relax players and bring enjoyment to them, so that fans of One Piece can get benefits at the same time when experiencing the project.

Belly is the token in the project, when launched, it can be exchanged in Pancakeswap and centralized exchange. Belly can be used to recruit mercenaries in the Mercenary Center, to buy seeds in the Tavern to grow Devil Fruits, and to trade with other players in the Market.

There is market in the project, where you can trade Merc and unused Devil Fruits, and special items (including Lucky Tokens) can also be sold in the Tavern so that you can buy if needed. Players can hunt criminals in the battlefield for rewards and experience to level up Merc, also can they hunt bosses together and share the rewards (in BNB) based on contributions. Each boss may have more than 1 element and can require crew members to join the battle with different hire rarities.

Mercenaries start at level 1 when player sign a contract, and every victory of a battle will provide experience to level up the mercenary. Every 5 levels will provide more than 1.5% bonus and experience. There are thresholds between every 10 levels, in order to pass the thresholds, they need to upgrade their mercenaries through Ora Ora No Mi D. Fruit with the same elements as the mercenaries. Every time passing a threshold will provide an additional 2% exp and rewards. The lower the winning rate, the more rewards and experience you get when you win.

This is an adventurous and exciting project. You should try it out if you are a fan of adventure and One Piece!

Fwar Finance

Fwar Finance is a strategic puzzle project, where the player’s tactics decides whether she/he can win the battle, which is the reason why thinking strength is the core. The nature and the gameplay of this project is somewhat similar to the familiar game Plants vs. Zombies. Players can switch different functions by arming a variety of plants to quickly and effectively block the zombies of invasion. Players can experience creation, combat, farming, exploration, crafting, breeding, and more in the project. At the same time, you can easily achieve play to earn in here!

There are two modes of gameplay in the project, PVP mode and PVE mode, which are designed for the combination of personal skills and teamwork.

When players choose the PVP mode, the system will randomly assign the opponents for the player, and the winner of the battle will receive a certain amount of FWarToken as a reward. If choose PVE mode, the player need to upgrade character and join the daily rank to get rewards.

To encourage players to participate in the project, the team will contribute 50% of FWT for daily battle rewards, which are real-effective and easily-earned. Among which, 35% of FWT will be distributed to each player participating in the battle, 35% of FWT will be distributed to the TOP100 players in groups A, B, C, and D, of which group A get 40% of the 35% FWT, group B get 30% of the 35% FWT, group C get 20% of the 35% FWT and group D get 10% of the 35% FWT.

And of course, players need to play all the matches to qualify for the ranking.

Fwar Finance has 20 characters that can be used to fight with different strength, skills, defense, and attack levels. The position of each character on the battlefield needs to be placed by players after thinking, since every step can affect the final victory and rewards.

From the perspective of gameplay, nature, style of painting, and characters, this project is similar to the familiar game Plants vs. Zombies from which the team start the concept of the project, and researched and created FWar, which is the blockchain version of Plants vs. Zombies.

The NFT project market is a new market with potential. Projects improved and integrated through the blockchain platform can help players gain new experiences, especially by playing the project to earn real profits, and these are the differences between Fwar and Plants vs. Zombies.

There are innovations of gameplay, painting style and characters of the project. The colors are plentiful with great impact on the vision, which is quite attractive and entertaining.

If you like Plants vs. Zombies, you can try this one for a comparison, and players who like puzzle strategies can also try it out. After all, this project requires “formation” to think carefully about strategies in order to win rewards. It is indeed a project requiring brainstorming!

It is said that Fwar’s team wants to create not only this single project, but a platform project that connect owners of crypto token with project players through Fwar. They also have a short-term goal of building a large community for players, improving and enhancing the functionality of items, and creating events to attract and gather players.

In the long run, the team has good partners, so we can look forward to FWar breaking out in the future!

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