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Based on the latest trend of blockchain games, we will share some entertaining and profitable projects here . Let’s take a look at the projects of the week!


PolychainMonsters is a digital collection of exquisite animation with blockchain technology, aiming to build a mainstream-attractive project ecosystem with cross-chain digital collectibles, which can be extracted from the $PMON digital enhancement package on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

Players can purchase land, build production facilities and harvest resources with the help of their Polymon. To strengthen Polymon by using items and fight with other trainers to win and get valuable essence. Players can also use resources and essence to capture wild Polymon to win IDO participation tickets.

Players can purchase land in the upcoming activity of PolychainIslandsLandSale, and then they can use resources to build factories to produce goods. Players can also put Polymon right on the character and cultivate resources. Every land is supported by NFT so as to provide secure ownership.

Players can utilize basic land to harvest resources and upgrade Polymon to gain right to capture wild Polymon with the resources. To create buildings and combine new assets, and the supply of the resources can only be increased through staking.

Every resident in the PolychainIslands has a Meta-Backpack, which can create unlimited space on Polychain Islands though it looks small. Backpacks can provide Polymon a home, and allow players to build their own cities, invite friends to fight and get resources.

PolychainMonsters aims to create an ecosystem of cross-chain digital collectibles and projects with mainstream appeal. And the core is the exquisite animated NFT, which the team has made it. Polymon has a variety of different features, and they are also different in rarity degree as some very scarce combinations existing. The overall page is tidy, with different color and appearance of NTFs, and the collocation of color is coordinated and very complete in terms of aesthetics and experience, indeed a mature project!

PolychainMonsters was established in early March 2021 and received $740,000 in financing from six strategic investors led by Moonrock Capital and Morningstar Ventures soon after launch. The IDO (Initial DEX Issuance) event held at Polkastart on March 31, 2021 helped to raise approximately $100,000 for the founders. Two weeks after, it has successfully ranked among the top 10 most-commonly-used ETHTokens, with millions of dollars of Gas fees alone.

PolychainMonsters combines multiple functions, and it almost matches the crazy crypto market perfectly in 2021. The trading mechanism is as simple as after the player possessed collectible NFT PolychainMonsters, BoosterPacks will distribute new animated monsters to the player, which is equivalent to a blind box, full of surprises. This is interesting, you don’t know what you’ll get. Finally you can buy and trade them with PMON Token, and players with Polymon can participate in pawns to get weekly rewards.

The project is recommended for players who are interested to rest assure to get started easily. We also believe that these kind of NFT styles are quite attractive to female players. With some scarce NFT combinations in the project, a bonus fortune might be waiting for you to seize the chance to sell it in the secondary market!


CyberCat is a blockchain project of card transaction and adventure based on the concept of metaverse. Players can collect, breed, raise, fight and trade “Cyber Cats” in the project to become a breeder and get rewards in the project.

Different CyberCats has different performances. They are roughly divided into 6 races: Plants (meat shield type), Zergs (effect type), Dragons (speed type), Mechanical (attack type), Orcs (warrior type) , Aqua (gain type). When selecting pets, the breeder must pay attention to the collocation to ensure the variety of pet with meat shields, output, and auxiliary in the team, since the quality of team will directly affect the winning rate of the battle and the speed of mining. We can tell that the plants have thick blood, the dragons have speed, and the orcs have high morale, all for the breeders’ reference.

There are 2 ways to play CyberCat, the PVE adventure mode and the PVP battle mode. The first is to break through levels, which is an important way to acquire daily income. Breeders can keep checking in every day and fight pets in levels to gain experience and rewards up to 50HEP. While in PVP mode, in addition to completing daily tasks, players can also join in the season tournament based on a turn-based approach. By combining cards to output damage, eliminating all opponent pets to win additional rewards up to 150 HEP.

We find that CyberCat has arose a hit in the blockchain game zone just after few days of launch with 3 major highlights of exquisite style, mining mechanism and sustainable economic model. It took only 18 seconds for the 1800 start-up cats to be sold out in the Binance NFT Market, and received nearly 100,000 whitelist test applications in the internal test phase, which can be reckoned as a popular game already.

CyberCat is a blockchain game that pays tribute to the classic project AXIE, and is also one of the end-to-end games on OEC. As a card project, it bears the important task of directly competing with the game of BSC Xingsha, which is currently online on the two major networks of BSC and OEC, supporting web and mobile terminals and suitable for players to easily enter in different scenarios. The CyberCat style is lovely for players who like cats and want to experience the life as a breeder. Before starting, players must have at least 3 “cyber cats” to form a team. There is pet market in CyberCat on its own, and at present, the pet price of the BSC chain start at around 120u for 1, and in total 360u for 3 pets. This is the basic cost for players to step in and get ready to make money.

CyberCat adopts a dual-token model, including the governance token CHE, which can be used for the breeding and follow-up activities. And the in-project token HEP (health potion) is the main token reward for mining harvest.

To understand the mining mechanism of CyberCat, you must first figure out its energy mechanism system — every item in the project consumes 1 point of energy. And there is an upper limit of the energy value per day, like 3–9 pets holding with 20 points per day, 10–19 pets holding with 40 points per day. If you have energy, victory in both PVE and PVP modes will be rewarded HEP. While there are two ways to explain if no energy, in PVE mode, only HEP will be rewarded for victory with no adventure level experience, in PVP mode, victory will only be rewarded points but no HEP.

Therefore, the pros and cons of mining strategy completely depend on the use of energy.

To maximize profit, we recommend you to play in PVP mode first, and start PVE mode after consuming all energy.

The profit of mining is divided into three parts: firstly, the daily reward up to 200 HEP in PVE mode; secondly, complete daily tasks of 10 adventures and wining 5 battles to get 100 HEP; thirdly, the winning rate is calculated by 50% in PVP mode with 60 HEP can be obtained every day.

It can be seen that CyberCat has its own considerations in this field, which successfully added values to the project token CHE and reward token HEP. It improves the economic system along with expanding the demand scene.

We believe that more and more interesting gameplays will be launched in the future, at the same time offering players better experience!


Idlemystic is a blockchain card project built on Matic (polygon). By completing project tasks, players obtain props — magic stones, which can be exchanged for MST token rewards and also cash. Players need to study the selection and formation of heroes, thousands of ways to combine formations, strategies and digital changes between characters, then to defeat opponents and obtain rewards and benefits through reasonable choices of formations and excellent ability.

Three modes of the gameplay:

The first is to hang up. You choose to hang up with each duration up to 10 hours, and every time you hang up, you get 50 magic stones without other manual operation, while only for logging in to receive the reward.

The second is PVP battles. You need to win 10 battles every day and complete missions to get 50 magic stones.

The third is the Rank battle. You can play unlimited ranking battles every day, and for those who rank within top 1000 will get token rewards, while the top hundreds will get Ethereum rewards, and sign-in can also be rewarded two IMT tokens.

AxieInfinity, the leader of GameFi blockchain game, has a cumulative transaction volume of over $1 billion, setting a record high and surpassing NBATopShot, which was popular at the beginning of the year and consistently ranked first in NFT transaction volume. The AxieInfinity effect allows investment, entrepreneurship and the market of GameFi to grow substantially, thus various GameFi blockchain projects have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. There is threshold of 3 heroes possessing to enter Idlemystic, just as it of AxieInfinity.

IdleMystic designed magic stones as the token rewards in the project, the number of which is based on how much players obtained in the project through PVP winning and participating in activities. However, as the number of heroes increasing, there might be a shortage or double deflation of magic stones.

There are three ways to obtain magic stones. The first is operating activities, where players are rewarded for their active performance in the project; the second is season rewards, which depend on the ranking at the end of the season based on PVP points and accumulated activity degree of player ; the third is the community UGC creation rewards, which means the official will issue magic stones from the prize pool as rewards for creators and publishers of UGC content.

In addition to the magic stone in the project, there is another official token reward IMT with currently two ways to obtain. To obtain by invitation, the invited hero needs to log in to the project client to activate the obtained IMT, as the inviter obtains 10 IMT and the invitee obtains 5 IMT. The other is to sign in, players can log in and sign in every day to get 2 IMTs, and invite players to do so can also get 1 IMT reward.

Idlemystic is a multi-player strategy project that combines incremental and turn-based gameplay with casual and combat modes to form a classic turn-based project mode, which also arouses the interest of players. Only with matched combinations, reasonable formations and excellent ability can a player defeat the opponent. To a certain extent, it is a challenging project requiring strategy and brainstorming.

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