Zuckerberg lost nearly ¥500 billion due to the Metaverse

DeFi data

1. Total market value of DeFi tokens: $44.151 billion

DeFi total market capitalization Data source: coingecko

2. The trading volume of decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours is 3.184 billion US dollars

Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours Source: coingecko

3. Assets locked in DeFi: $54.46 billion

Top 10 DeFi Projects Locked Assets and Locked Amount Data Source: defillama

NFT data

1. Total market capitalization of NFTs: $18.223 billion

The total market value of NFT and the top ten projects by market value Data source: Coinmarketcap

2. 24-hour NFT trading volume: $29.53 billion

The total market value of NFT and the top ten projects by market value Data source: Coinmarketcap

3. Top NFTs within 24 hours

Top 10 NFTs with sales increase within 24 hours Source: NFTGO

NFT/Digital Collection Hotspots

1. Aptos: The previously launched testnet NFT series represents the launch of the Longevity testnet

On September 20th, the public chain project Aptos announced the participation and reward changes of the Incentive Testnet 3 (AIT3), increasing the reward for participants by 50%, and increasing the maximum token reward of 800 to 1200, which means that all the total reward is 1200, those who meet ≥50% of the staking reward will get 800 tokens, and those who meet ≥9% of the staking reward or the governance vote is zero will get 500 tokens.

Regarding the testnet participation, the testnet completed more than 800 million transactions in less than 2 weeks, achieving more than 4000 TPS. Additionally, Aptos said that the recent launch of its testnet NFT series APTOS: ZERO marked the launch of its Longevity testnet, expressing its confidence in the state of the software and deployment architecture. The Longevity testnet NFT will be kept for a long time instead of the previous weekly reset. Aptos plans to no longer make major changes to Moves, transactions, and APIs, and there will be no more data scavenging, so partnerships between DApps and other entities can be effectively created. Aptos will continue to push changes to the devnet on a weekly basis and will continue to do weekly purges.

2. The 2-day sale revenue of CCTV’s digital collection platform “Central Digital Collection” reached 517,600 yuan

Golden Finance reported that, according to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, the 2022 Creation Digital Zang S, which was launched on September 19th under CCTV’s “Yangshu Zang”, was sold out in less than a minute. At present, the number of Genesis Zang Y and S for sale is 2022, and the price is also 128 yuan. Both collections were quickly sold out on the day of sale. Based on this calculation, Yangshu Collection created a sales income of 517,600 yuan within 2 days.

3. OpenSea launches SeaDrop function, supporting NFT projects to be launched and minted directly on the platform

On September 20th, OpenSea announced the launch of the SeaDrop function, which supports NFT projects to be launched and minted directly on the platform. Features include dedicated Drop pages (better storytelling, NFT galleries, video trailers, etc.), minting with SeaDrop, support for whitelisting and storing information in a decentralized manner, and more. The new feature will allow creators to publish NFTs on the new OpenSea homepage, including a dedicated Drop page where collectors can mint directly from the OpenSea page.

In addition, OpenSea will conduct its first beta test with omgkirby and Top Ramen this Thursday, and Opensea also plans to launch a web3 Drops calendar, which will invite famous talents such as Warner Music Group and Anthony Hopkins to launch more Drop projects.

4. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey has submitted Metaverse and NFT related trademark applications

Golden Finance reported that NFT and Metaverse trademark lawyer Michael Kondoudis tweeted that global whisky brand Jack Daniels had submitted a Metaverse and NFT-related trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on September 13th, which covers NFT certified digital media, virtual beverages, bar supplies and apparel, digital wallets and collectibles.

5. PGA TOUR will launch NFT platform in early 2023

On September 19th, the PGA TOUR announced a long-term agreement with Autograph, a crypto company founded by Tom Brady. The two parties intend to cooperate to launch a digital collection NFT platform, which will make the video, data, images and other game content of the golf PGA Tour into NFT. The platform is expected to be launched in early 2023.

DeFi hotspots

1. DEX Bebop launched by Wintermute announced the suspension of trading, of which the user funds are safe

On September 20th, the DEX Bebop launched by crypto market maker Wintermute announced on its official social platform that trading was suspended and will resume within a few days. Bebop said its contracts were not affected, and there were no security issues with users’ funds and private keys.

2. Citi: After the merger, the issuance of ETH is estimated to drop by 90% to about 600,000 per year

The Ethereum merger is complete, and volatility remains subdued despite “high expectations” for the transition, Citigroup © said in a research note Friday. Ethereum is now 99.95% more energy efficient than when using a proof-of-work (PoW) process. After the transition, miners no longer receive rewards, noting that these rewards are equivalent to an annual supply of 4.9 million ETH. It added that the issuance of ETH is estimated to drop by 90% to around 600,000, with total supply falling on the first day of the merger, as the fee to burn is larger than the rewards issued to validators. Citi said Ethereum has become a yield-generating asset after de-mining, with a current staking yield of about 4.5%, which is higher than some traditional financial instruments.

3.DogeChain launches DOGE domain name service

On September 20th, DogeChain announced the launch of the Doge Name Service (DNS), a domain name service that allows users to register domain names ending in Doge and use unconventional characters, such as custom text fields, avatars, and URLs.

4. The issuance of USDC on the Avalanche Chain fell below $1 billion, down more than 30% from ATH

News on September 20th, the latest data from usdccool shows that the USDC issuance on the Avalanche Chain has fallen below $1 billion, and as of now, it is $952,689,909.94. According to historical data, the issuance of USDC on the Avalanche Chain once exceeded US$1.5 billion at the beginning of June this year and reached a record high, which means that the current issuance has fallen by more than 30%.

5. DeFi transaction acceleration tool bloXroute will list Solana and launch Serum API service

On September 20th, DeFi transaction acceleration tool bloXroute announced that it will release the first service Serum API for the Solana network, which is used in Serum DEX with the advantages of fast transfer, lower entry cost, and improved performance. It is reported that bloXroute is a blockchain infrastructure provider serving DeFi traders on public chains such as Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain. In April this year, bloXroute completed a $70 million Series B financing, led by SoftBank Vision.

6. There are currently at least 7 active relays in Ethereum, of which 81.13% of the blocks are constructed by Flashbots alone

On September 20th, according to the website mevboost.org, which tracks MEV-Boost relayers and block builders, there are currently at least 7 active relayers in Ethereum that deliver at least one block, including Flashbots, BloXroute Max Profit , BloXroute Ethical, BloXroute Regulated, Blocknative, Eden and Manifold. Among them, 81.13% of the blocks were constructed by Flashbots alone, and the number reached 5,640.

7. The back-end code of the liquidity control protocol Llama Airforce is now open source

It was reported on September 20th that the back-end code of DeFi Llama’s liquidity control protocol Llama Airforce is now open source, including API server, Azure Functions, bribery analysis, etc. The front-end code was open sourced in early September.

WEB 3.0 Hotspot

1. Shanghai has developed an Internet operating system for web3.0 technology

Golden Finance and Economics reported that this afternoon, the Shanghai Municipal Government held the second press conference of the Party Committee’s special series of “Forge a New Journey and Contribute to a New Era” — a special session on scientific and technological innovation. The reporter learned from the press conference that in recent years, Shanghai has supported and led the innovative development of emerging industries, and has developed an Internet operating system (Conflux OS) for web3.0 technology. (Shanghai Stock Exchange)

2. YGG: The blockchain game industry needs a localized strategy to attract Web3 gamers

On September 20th, Andy Chou, head of ecosystem development at the decentralized gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG), said at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 that the blockchain-based gaming industry will need to consider localization strategies to attract Web3 games Players — “each subDAO has different settings and business partnerships, depending on the country it’s in”. YGG will expand globally through subDAO. Previously, YGG Japan announced a partnership with IVC and web3 technology company KryptoGO to develop a wallet specifically for blockchain gamers, aiming to create a simplified interface for users to access blockchain games and conduct game asset custody. (Cointelegraph)

3. E. GlenWeyl: The DAO organization is at the heart of Web3’s potential

On September 20th, at the 8th Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, E. Glen Weyl, founder of Radicalx Change, Microsoft CTO Political Economist and Researcher of the Office of Social Technologists, delivered the theme: “Decentralized Society: Finding the Soul of Web3”.

E. Glen Weyl said in his speech that the DAO organization is the core of the potential of Web3, and the DAO governance should be the most potential of the DAO so far, but the DAO governance has so far been mainly through the tradable homogeneous generation coin to achieve. That is to say, anyone who has enough strength to buy more than 50% of the tokens can grab the value of the entire DAO ecosystem, which affects the development potential of DAO. And when talking about soul-bound tokens, it means that soul-bound tokens are completely different from standard NFTs. They are not financial items or financial assets. They represent the relationship between the issuer and the recipient, not the recipient’s property.

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